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Jade’s Success

I started taking opiates over 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I fell in love with them after realizing I had never experienced a feeling like they gave me. Opiates were easily attainable. I could get them from my workplace, school and even my neighbors. You really could get drugs anywhere…

Nicole’s Story

Coming from a Normal Family of 5 kids hard working Dad, Coach in the National Guards , Mother a school teacher stayed home with us while we were all in school. Two sister two brothers and me the only blue eyed blonde.  The other Brown hair and Brown eyes…

Zack’s Journey

Drinking was a normal thing throughout my life. My mother drank on a regular basis and it always seemed to be controlled. She also drank and drove pretty much everywhere we went on the weekends. If I had a sleep over at a friends you could bet your life a Natural Lite traveled with us in the cup holder… Read More

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