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VISION: Creating healthy and safe West Tennessee communities by reducing the devastating effects of opioid misuse and other harmful substance use.

MISSION: Our mission is to… Improve regional collective efforts to reduce opioid and substance use disorder through collaborative prevention, treatment, and recovery services for the communities of the West Tennessee Addiction Network (WTAN) Program Area with the ultimate goal of building a shared regional approach and resources to support healthy and flourishing communities.

VALUES: WTAN will work together to successfully achieve our mission based on the following values

Holistic – multi-sector (public, nonprofit, and business communities) approach that strives to engage people across the full spectrum of their lives in an attempt to prevent, treat and recover from harmful substance use.

Collaborative – given the rural context of our region and resource scarcity, we strive to build approaches that can be shared across the region to bolster the capacities of all communities to support healthier youth, adults and families.

Knowledge – educate and raise awareness to ensure WTAN Program Area is on the frontlines of effective prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

Compassion– destigmatize opioid and substance use disorder in order to provide welcoming and accessible resources for youth, adults and families struggling with harmful substance use.

Solution-Centered – create a regional network for identifying, sharing and developing cultural relevant implementation of evidenced based solutions to preventing, treating and recovering from harmful substance use in the WTAN Program Area.

Transparency – open and proactive in communication amongst the members and communities we serve in order to facilitate holistic, collaborative, and evidence-based solutions to reduce the harmful effects of substance use disorder.

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